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Founding Team

„The Art of Life“ was founded in Switzerland in 2012 by Marco Steiger.

Two years later , in 2014, Marco founded “The Art of Life” in Latvia together with two other passionate people

–  Jana Vasile and Frieda Julie Radford.

You can read about them here:

Marco Steiger

Founder, Managing Director

Early in his life spirituality and inner inquiry brought Marco to look for new ways of thinking and living. Today one of his greatest passions is inspiring and supporting people in developing their projects, reconnecting with themselves and their dreams. For the last 10 years Marco’s life has been revolving in and around communities. He has developed such projects as Schweibenalp Centre and The World Spirit Forum in Switzerland, and The School of All Relations in Greece, successfully implementing the project design tool “Dragon Dreaming” in action. He has a professional background in Finance and Economy. Marco enjoys connecting spiritual people and projects and building bridges for a new “WIN-WIN-WIN” culture.

Jana Vasile

Operation Manager

This project is an opportunity to participate in the creation of a space which includes everything I have ever sensed to be true and beneficial for us and our planet. Being a perfectionist, I have had to face many moments of doubt and self-hatred in my life which have lead me to discover different self-help and self-healing methods. Now, I am especially passioned about dance, bodywork and ways of healing through the body. I believe that the body is a great source of wisdom which holds answers to many of our questions. What brings me deep enjoyment is guiding people towards reconnection of their mind, spirit, emotions and the body and discovering new and new ways of how to do it. Apart from that, I love healthy food and being in the nature.

Frieda Julie Radford

Founding Member

Since the early eighties Frieda accompanies people in developing their consciousness and unfolding of their potential. She empowers them to take a loving stand for themselves and the world. To facilitate this she founded and led the Human Potential Organisation Relationships in Switzerland and La Massilia on Lanzarote. She has been deeply Inspired through her study and work with the Peace Research Project Tamera in Portugal, and its forerunner projects since 1986. She is also a contributor in the newly launched educational initiative, the School of all Relations (SOAR) for young adults in Greece. Its intent is to enlarge the net of places where young adults can acquire peace knowledge and learn to implement it, as is the purpose of Druvinas Farm in Lettland. Today she lives in an a small intentional community in Switzerland and as a coach and facilitator supports projects whose work contributes to the imminent system change and shift in paradigm.

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Supporters & Donors

Our supporters and donors support the project each with their own unique gifts and talents. And we are always happy to support them back!

Rūta Kronberga

Ringolds Rancāns

Normunds Zuševics

Aigars Rubiķis

Emīls Hlevickis

Sofija Zāgmane

Ieva Zāgmane

Lāsma Zāgmane

Kristaps Bunts

Rūta Abaja

Reinis Grants

Jana Vasile

ZS “Vizbuļi”

ZS “Kaņepītes”

Partners & Networks

We are supported by our partners and friends in various networks:

Dragon Dreaming International / Dragon Dreaming Latvia/CH

School of All Relations (Aegina, Greece)

Schweibenalp Community (Brienz, Switzerland)

GEN Europe and International (Global Ecovillage Network)

The Ting (Peculiar Facilitators Community)

Dao Association Switzerland (Master Li Hechun)

Transition Town Zurich (Transition Movement)

European Permaculture Association

down to earth Permaculture Academy and Design

Gaia Education Global Network

Biomimicry Switzerland / International

Global Flourish

Brain, Heart & Fun

Open Source for Peace

Spiral Dynamics integral