Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a triple “WIN-WIN-WIN”

a „win“ for us personally, for the communities we live in, as well for the nature which

surrounds us. Our knowledge comes from investigating the fields of spirituality,

conscious and organic lifestyle and community building from a personal point of view

over the period of many years.

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“The greatest happiness in life is

to discover your full potential

and true passion for a „new“

way of living.”

– Marco Steiger,

founder of „The Art of Life“


We created „Art of Life“ to share this knowledge and fully support you in the process of finding yourself and your deepest calling in life.

We are here to awake you, shake you and tell you – get up and start working on your dreams – everything is possible!

There are two amazing tools we have found to be of utmost help in the process of living a „WIN-WIN-WIN“ lifestyle – Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture. You are welcome to read more about them or book a workshop with us.

About Dragon Dreaming
About Permaculture

Our Mission

To support young people in finding themselves and their true calling in life by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to create a „WIN-WIN-WIN“ culture.

Our Vision

A community which functions on the basis of Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture principles, serving as an example for a new way of living – a triple „WIN-WIN-WIN“ culture.

Our Values

We are:

  • ready and committed to make a change;
  • taking care of ourselves and others in a conscious way;
  • taking care of the earth, nature;
  • ready to work with ourselves;
  • looking for a different lifestyle (relationship, food, education, money, nature…);
  • open to accept support from others;
  • willing to build a community.